Ultimate Hard Rave Techno Drums Library [594 Samples + Loops EVERYTHING You Need!] + Free Bonus Synth Loop Constructions

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This is my new pack Ultimate Hard Rave Techno Drum Library. This pack is full of powerful, hard hitting Hard Techno Drum Loop Kits, Project Files, Kickloops, Raveloops, Kicks, Hihats, Percussions, Claps, Snares, FX/Fills, and a free bonus pack of synth loop constructions in every different style of Hard Techno inspired by acts like Viper Diva, Dyen, Regal, Remco Beekwilder, HATE, KRTM, Phase Fatale, Ansome, Perc, Dax J, Monnom Black, Surgeon, Tommy Four Seven, Kobosil, Nico Moreno, Rebekah, Scalameriya, Inhalt Der Nacht, Klangkuenstler, In Verruf, Possessions, Pawlowski, Anetha, Manni Dee, Shlomo, TRYM, JKS, Mayeul, I Hate Models, Wallis, R Label Group and more.

The idea behind this pack is to give you the BEST quality modern sounding Hard Techno drum library with everything you need that exists on the market. A lot of times it can be tough to create powerful drums without having a strong selection of high quality references and ideas to work from. I have created this pack of powerful, strong techno drums to make your own tracks in this style and remedy this problem.

Each of the 3 groups are split(hundreds of loops in total!!) into individual drum loops, kickloops, raveloops, fx/fills, kicks, claps and snares, hihats, percussions, PLUS ABLETON FILES so you can take them apart and really get full control over the sound and how you are working with them, plus this provides full customization where you can take the already strong drums and build your own new loops without a bunch of complicated messing around and messing up your sound before it even gets out the gate. This pack is designed to help you get started quickly so that you can focus on making powerful synths, vocals and the arrangement of your track, and it also works great if you just need some inspiration and fresh new sounds to work with!

With this pack you get Drum Loop Kits, Project Files, Kickloops, Raveloops, Kicks, Hihats, Percussions, Claps, Snares, FX/Fills, PLUS the free bonus synth and drum loops so you have everything you've been missing that you need to make the track of your dreams in this style! Enjoy and I look forward to hearing these in your tracks :)
Released Apr 24 2022
Demo Drum Loop Kit 1

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